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Just So

Branded content agency website.


  • Visual design
  • Front-end development


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery


Just So is a hybrid creative and production agency working with premium and luxury brands such as the BBC, Mulberry, Skype, Adidas & more. They decided to overhaul their company website with a fresh design built on top of a bespoke content management system.

A designer had already completed the user experience & visual design and a back-end developer had been hired to create the CMS. The originally contracted front-end developer left the team during a change in design direction mid-way through the project.

My contribution

My job was to pick up from where they left off, completing the front-end whilst implementing the newer designs and applying the new designs to responsive views within an incredibly tight deadline.

I didn't have access to the designer or the original front-end developer so my first task was to familiarise myself with the existing code and work out how much of the new design could utilise a re-purposed version of what had already been written. From there I was able to determine the additional development work I would need to do to fully implement the design and interaction specification.

Just So homepage screenshot
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